Blue Smoke


WHATWEWEAR is an affordable, personalized,

 Eco-friendly, monthly subscription that includes wardrobe makeovers, style advice, personal shopping, and

exclusive discounts to local companies.


Imagine having all fashion answers, no matter what your style or body shape, in the palm of your hands.

 M will happily assist you with shopping, daily outfit struggles

and even event styling.

No need to stress or feel overwhelmed. 

When you're a WHATWEWEAR member, M is a virtual appointment, 

dm, email, or even snap chat away. 

While remaining sustainable, we provide services to all sizes, religions, gender identities, ethnicities, and styles. Our membership is for all open-minded individuals. 

would be honoured to have you 


  • $12.95
    Every month
    Valid for 12 months+ 5 day free trial
    • 50% off Wardrobe Consults (1 per season, 4 in total)
    • 15% off & POPUPS
    • Personal styling advice for daily life, or any occasion
    • Access to private Facebook group
    • Consignment wish list - you get first dibs!
    • Notable IG accounts for your body type/ style goal
    • First to know on POPUP details
    • Personalized Birthday gifts - Services, clothes, products
    • whatMwore Close friends Instagram
    • 24/7 advice from M via Snapchat and Facebook
    • Clothing trades and swaps via FB (soon to be in person!)
    • Personal shopping - Let's find what you're looking for
    • whatMwore Snapchat- Easy access for style questions/advice
    • Local Clothing company sales + discounts
    • Refer a friend? Receive a whatMwore coupon to shop
    • Exclusive Seamstress
    • Private Instagram close friends only story sales
    • In search of requests
    • Monthly payment plan, PIF, or Gift card options available!